'I have attended many workshops in my life but Jane Latimer’s surpasses, by far, any other experience. Life altering workshop, Jane. Thank you.'
Barbara S., Falls City, OR

'This is a FABULOUS program and you are an AMAZING woman! Smiles and sunshine.'

'The work that we are doing here is phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal. There is nothing else like it. It encapsulates all those things that you just know but you never really had the vocabulary for or the conceptualization for.'
Nina Bennett, Sacramento, CA

'I feel like I’m in the presence of a true teacher.'
Phyllis B., Seattle, WA

'Thank you! It was wonderful, enlightening, fascinating and healing. You are a gifted and wise teacher.'
S. R., California

'Radical healing. Cutting edge spirituality. Something that really works for creating change.'
Connie Poppino, LCSW, Kansas City, MO

'I want to thank you for all you have done for me! I have experienced some profound shifts since the beginning of the year. Thanks so much Jane for guiding my spirit!'
Janet, Connecticut

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IMAGINE – What would be possible if you were free of food and body distress!


Way MORE than freedom from food and weight struggle, BodyWay will inspire you to live fully, passionately and in love with your life!

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Nourishing The Hungry Soul
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Unlike most programs that teach women how to fix their food problems BodyWay is comprehensive program that teaches women how to get their lives back. Because of the depth of healing and transformation that Jane has undergone (and mentored others through) Jane’s approach to healing emotional eating is spiritual, transformative and uniquely creative. It touches the depth of the feminine Soul–taking women from wounding, defensive living, and superficial dieting down deep into the recesses of what it means to live a life of true nourishment.


In this free teleclass series Jane and Master BodyWay Coach, Lisa Markham, will guide you through 3 Key Principles for gaining freedom from your struggle with food—whether you binge, overeat, or restrict, and no matter what your body size.

You will be shown how to live in Alignment with your Body Power so that your Soul can Embody the Radiant, Confident and Beautiful Woman you Truly Are.

You will learn. . .
  • why diets don’t work and how to find the perfect Way of Eating that will work for you–or how to adapt the diet you’re already on so you can actually stick with it!
  • how to harness the truth of your feelings to support rather than hinder your progress
  • the one Key Mindset shift that will turn failure into success
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